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Adri Kyser at Laguna Madre Yoga
Yoga Weekend with Adri Kyser
May 1st - 3rd 2015

Reconnect with your Inner Beauty

Join Adri & Laguna Madre for a weekend of renewal.

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Yoga, Massage and Dance

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Let use show you how yoga can help you reduce stress and calming your mind.

Energize Your Life
More Energy, More Fun

Awaken Your Inner Power

Regular practice of Yoga gives you more energy and increases happiness.

Increase Flexibility
Feel the difference

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Experience how greater flexibility and range of movement can improve your daily life.

Stronger & Healthier
More Strength & Stamina

Rejuvenate your Life

Experience a reinvigorated life with a stronger body, greater balance and a more focused mind.

JOIN US for Dynamic Yoga Vinyasa, Meditation & Dance with Angela Christine
January 15th - 17th 2016

Friday: Dance with Divine Awareness
Cost: $15

Saturday/Sunday: Dynamic Yoga Vinyasa: Deep Alignment, Deep Center-Asana and Vinyasa RX for Low Back, Sacrum and Hips
Cost: $35

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Random States of Inner Peace & Happiness Likely to Occur. - Aziza

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